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Opening Up The Reserch Process: A Case End A Sociological Research
The research process is a process that can be addressed in a wide range, ranging from philosophical problematization to an account of self- reflexivity as well as an action to create a memory through the mechanical nature of registration. To include it in the process of knowledge production is a problematic issue in itself. Also such an effort may pose a “danger” for researchers. For instance, you may end up writing something that most readers would call a fiction and/or a memoire while writing field experience. Paying attention to interdisciplinary studies can be a solution in preventing it from happening. However, there is always a good chance to fail. On the one hand you have to know the sensitive issues of different disciplines well enough, on the other, you need to look at them from an angle that not every discipline takes. This is not an easy task to achieve, and that it requires a good deal of education and training to ascertain the quality of research. There is an easier way to handle this: scholars and researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds could work together and thus the questions they pose and issues they raise can have a chance to develop without falling into tourism.

Opening Up The Reserch Process: A Case End A Sociological Research

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