Towards the end of the19th century, there had been many social and economic changes and these changes had effects upon the public which could be regarded as negative. Beginning of the modernism, especially with the industrial revolution, the lives of people changed at least as the political condition did and a state of disturbance appeared. Even, this disturbance sometimes led to protests. And also positivism movement in science emerged and the effort to direct social sciences to the natural sciences methods arouse. All these improvements of course reflected upon German Literature, and social or individual disturbances caused by change were used as a theme in many Works. Furthermore, with positivism movement a new method was improved in literature area and with the second styling, the truths were all conveyed to the reader like copied. In this article, Documents are given about the historical process and its impact on the society and individuals, and positivism, later on examples are given from the works by emphasizing second styling.