Prof. Serpil Aygün Cengiz, a faculty member at the Department of Folklore in the Faculty of Language and History and Geography at Ankara University, hosted Prof. Dr. Carolyn Ellis and Prof. Dr. Arthur Bochner as guest speakers on June 13, 2022, in the virtual “Research Methods” course she taught in the 2021-2022 spring semester in the graduate program. Dilek İşler Hayırlı, a doctoral student in the program, invited the founders of autoethnography, these two esteemed academics, to the class, and during the lesson. Gülgün Şerefoğlu, who graduated from the master’s program in the Department of Folklore, and Dilek İşler Hayırlı acted as their translators. Bülent Ayyıldız transcribed the video recording of the class. After Serpil Aygün Cengiz reviewed the text, Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner edited the text, enriching it in the process