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Celil Oker is one of the important authors of crime fiction which has been leapt forward after 1990s in Turkey. Oker is the great contributor to development of domestic crime fiction with his eight novels and a story book published until today, he cut a wide swath as being an author by understanding the importance of details and space in crime novels beyond fullfiling of all conditions which are required by the fiction. The top place of his novels is İstanbul where bears the stamp of the time with its neighbourhood, streets and people. The author managed to interline the details special to Istanbul along with the physical beauties of the city, the chaos of modern life and the changing aspect of the city in parallel with social changes without disrupting the plot of the detective story. Detective story has come forward as a leading genre which reflects the modern city life by means of the observations made by wandering detectives who are reminiscent of contemporary ‘flaneur’ type. While his audience walks through İstanbul with Detective Remzi Ünal who is Oker’s ”a man of action “ on the one hand they read realistic novels which composed of spirited space descriptions, on the other hand they enjoy the tramping of İstanbul with a sense of awareness which has developed against the problems of the metropolis. The author has perceived indoors as an follow-up of İstanbul streets and either he has created the required atmosphere and could send his social critics through oppositions in his pieces that he has brought together the rich and poor communities from various environments by those spaces that he diversified. Celil Oker has prompted to a new and lasting way in field of crime fiction among the authors who tell İstanbul with Ahmet Ümit.

Celil Oker, Detective Novel, Hard-Boiled, Space in Novel, İstanbul, Urbanisation and Human.

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