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Established on the instructions of Atatürk on the May 5th, 1925 as a significant part of the modernity project of Early Republic Period (1923-1950), “Gazi Forest Farm” has been designed and developed as a relatively modern world in itself where agricultural, industrial and commercial activities were pursued while at the same time providing recreational facilities for public and accommodation for the workers employed therein. The Beer Factory Bath inside the farm which was designed by the Swiss Architect Ernst Arnold Egli (1893-1974) in 1937 is one of the interesting architectural structures of Early Republic Period representing a form of synthesis architecture which aimed at overlapping the traditional function along with a modern construction technique by using reinforced concrete. Unlike the “showers located inside the factory” which was common in most of its European counterparts in that period, a traditional Turkish Bath typology was preferred in Atatürk Forest Farm, thus the structure that was intended to represent the traditional authentic identity of Anatolia has been designed and constructed in line with the available traditional architectural legacy through making use of the materials and techniques provided by the modern architecture of the period. The structural properties of Beer Factory Bath, which is currently in a dilapidated state, has begun to be evaluated within the context of multi-staged/intricate identity of Early Republic Period in light of the original visual and written documents obtained from the relevant archives, primarily from Zurich Technical School Archive and Presidential Palace Atatürk Archive. The following matters has been attempted to be introduced and discussed within the context of modernity/tradition in the present article: the reasons for decision and preference of building a bath inside Atatürk Forest Farm, Egli’s approach to the concept of bath, relation/irrelation of the structure to its respective period, and such paradigms as its construction technique, features and quality

Atatürk Forest Farm, Early Republic Period Architecture

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