Anadolu Tasavvufunda Ritüel .Müziginin 'Kültüre Gömülü Olma (Ambeddedness) ve 'Anıştırılma' (Adumbration) .' Durumlan
(The E.mbeddedness and Adumbration Cases of Ritual Music in Anatolian Sufism )

Yazar : Banu Mustan Sönmez    
Türü : Araştırma Makalesi
Baskı Yılı : 2009
Sayı : 58
Sayfa : 107-116
1557    864


Anahtar Kelimeler

Accordig to ethnomusicological theories, music is embedded in different patterns in differerat cultures. The embeddedness of music in the culture prepares the prerequ­ isite of adt_nibration which is formed especially in the ritual music. In thi •study, the appearance of embeddedness in the culture and the adumbration cases iri the Anatol ian ritual music has been handled. The metaphor of 'yakmiji' and 'yam.k' (to burn and burn) used for composing and performing music; the metaphor of 'reciting' ( khandan I okumak), used for vocal performances in Turkish language;the word 'nefes' which is a kind of Alevi religious music and the metaphor of tel/i kur'an (Qfn with string) used for bag/ama (Turkish string instrument) in A/evism have be­ en analysed in terms of Anatolian sufism and in the context of 'embeddedness' and 'adumbration' ases.

Anatolian Sufism, Embeddednes, Adumbration, Metaphor