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The concept “value” was originated from the Latin Word “valare” and it means to be valuable, and strong as a Word. Value is characterised as an abstact measure to define the importance of something, a meaning which correlates sometihng else, preciousness, the complete elements containing social, cultural, economical, scientific values that a nation has. As a social meaning, the concept of value states the qualities which are decisive considering the objects and consciousness and their importance related to society, class and human being. Humans’ having a characteristic that affect to what they give importance and what they consider, (Schwarts, 1992) and the manifested attitude towards every situation which might affect his social life depends on a certain value . As values are things that a person considers, and directs his way accordingly, they are also a matter of concern to the society in wihch the person lives. Literary Works play a crucial role to build the foundation Stones of some certain values and qualities , to enable people accept the values that social life and the era require of others. Bascom, who express the functions of the studies of folklore, has stated that the products ‘mean spending a nice time, having fun,entertaining others, supporting social values, institutes and customs, passing education and culture onto other generations and a reason to escape social and personal pressure (from Bascom, Başgöz, 1996), expresses that the chief function of folklore is to make a person accept and abide by the socially accepted values, and pass them onto the younger generations. It is widely known how significant it is to protect, live, and transfer the obtained values of an ideal social order . As a result, in the first place , individuals who comprise society sholud be made to achieve these values. Obtaining personal/ values of self start in the childhood and develop in different phases of life. Especially for children, even though they are not recorded and written , because of their content and the things they reflect, among literary genres, tales have a significant place. In this study the aim is to classify the values that appear in the 20 tales found in the book Kıbrıs turk masalları by Prof. Saim Sakaoğlu according to the Schwarts values scale and find out the values that are an important issue of the cultural characteristics of a society that these tales belong to. In the study texts have been examined using document analysis technique that has been applied with descriptive analysis method.

Turkish Cypriot tales, Schwartz value scale, review

Adres :Cyprus International University Lefkoşa/Nicosia
Telefon :(392)6711111-2601/2600 Faks :(392) 671 1165
Eposta :folkloredebiyat@ciu.edu.tr